Queen Platform Bed With Storage And Headboard Review

A decent bed frame is considered to improve the mattress's durability and guarantee a good night's sleep. The queen bed frame with headboard and storage is also one of the most typical and vital furniture pieces you need to have in your house. It is useful in supporting the mattress and the sleeper. Others are also built to support the base of the mattress, whereas others may accommodate the baseless mattress because they come with slats.

There is a large variety of queen-sized bed frames with headboards on the market, making it tough to make the correct selection. To reduce this challenge in selecting the proper bed frame, you have to weigh several considerations: the type, style, size, and material of the queen bed platform, before making a purchase. In this article, we will explore our best choice for Queen Size Platform Storage Space. We 're going to look at their style and the content used to construct it. Keep reading to get a more in-depth idea of how this queen-sized platform bed with storage and headboard can suit your requirements.

Novogratz Kelly Queen size Bed Frame with Headboard & Storage

This queen-sized headboard bed frame features simple linen upholstery with lines and is built for a contemporary style. This bed has trendy colors integrated into a well-designed bed frame comfortable to use and storage sections on each side. Storage drawers can help provide additional space in the bedroom to help keep it tidy. The bed only needs a mattress, and you're ready to go. It doesn't require a box spring or any other form of additional support. The wood used throughout the frame is durable and has a stable rail support structure and a wooden slat framework.


Kelly provides a simple and innovative style that can be conveniently joined, freeing clients from the hassle of finding a specialist. Besides, this queen size bed platform has four drawers, two on either side of the bed, which are large enough to hold quilts, sheets, and other items. The drawers can be securely locked in place effortlessly.


The Novogratz Kelly Queen size Bed Frame with Headboard & Storage will not need a box spring and a foundation, saving you from unnecessary extra costs. This excellent queen platform bed has a rather stable bentwood slat structure, and the metal side rails and main legs have added reinforcement and help avoid sagging after being used for some time.


• It's very spacious

• Simple to join together

• fair market price range

• Classic and stylish

Final Thoughts

The innovative Novogratz Kelly Queen size Bed Frame with Headboard & Storage is a good investment for a comfortable and fashionable platform bed queen at a reasonable price. It has a decent slat and rail support structure to avoid sagging over time. Easy and quick assembling is also a useful feature. Nevertheless, the storage drawers are constructed of only frosted plastic, and the content is quite flimsy. The drawers may be modified; aside from that, it's a decent option.