What is a Rattan Bed?

Rattan beds are a new trend in furniture in which a bed is made out of the species of old world climbing palm plant, better known as reeds. The trendy tropical nature of the beds is what makes them attractive to the eye. They are also used both indoors or outdoors. The design of rattan beds is inspired by the 1970’s furniture design in which many people made use of locally sourced reeds to make their furniture. Rattan makes for an upcountry, laid back simple look and will most likely remind you of your folks in the countryside. In matters cost, a rattan bed will set you back a couple of thousand dollars, but it’s a small price to pay for a trend that’s taking the modern world by storm. It consists of a frame, base, and top made out of reeds with just but a mattress being laid atop it.

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Usage of the Rattan bed

1) Luxury

The canopy designs of rattan beds are a sign of luxury and give a room a Porsche, out of the ordinary, luxurious look, especially in hotels or tourist destinations.

2) Versatility and durability

When rattan is cured and dried well, it can last for way longer than your average softwood and will retain its form as long as someone takes good care of it and doesn’t tamper with it. The flexible nature of the rattan plant makes it very durable as it can withstand stretching.

3) Simplicity and elegance

The rattan bed is a simple furniture design making use of reeds in the whole structure, only requiring a mattress to top it. Style is achieved where the top is fitted with rattan designs and painted a color that makes it look modern yet ancient

4) Eco-friendliness

The beds are made from locally sourced reeds and don’t tamper with forest cover as much as a traditional bed would, which requires uprooting a couple of trees. Conservatives will probably be interested in getting a foundation that is as eco-friendly as this one.

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Some associated cons of this bed


A bed made out of rows upon rows of rigid fibers will have a toll on the person sleeping on it. This effect is especially common with heavy people who prefer sleeping on fluffy surfaces.

1) Loosens with time

As with any furniture, rattan will experience wear and tear in the form of loosening of the weaving with time and will probably need repairs later.

2) Trends change

Rattan beds are a trend that’s on fire today, but will it be in fashion tomorrow? No one would want to be stuck with a relatively new bed that went out of fashion ages ago.


We have seen that rattan beds are an emerging trend in the bedroom, as well as outdoor usage. They have an attractive aesthetic and are being adopted as a throwback to the seventies. Their design is simple yet elegant. The décor one will greatly influence the choice to get a rattan bed is going for in their room or setting.

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